Michael Paterson

Michael Paterson retired as a Captain in the SA Navy after a career of 34 years as an engineering officer. He graduated as an Electronics Engineer at the University of Stellenbosch in 1964. He spent 3 years in the United Kingdom studying for a post graduate military qualification and then completed a MBA in 1986. He was selected to spend 3 years in France on a submarine building project and has visited and worked in several other European Countries. He is fluent in English, Afrikaans and French.

Mikeís potential was identified early in his career and he worked his way up gaining recognition from being an Engineer at sea in ships and submarines, then headed up the logistic management posts of operational commands, served as the Director of Naval Engineering at Naval HQ in Pretoria and at retirement was Production Manager in the Naval Dockyard in Simonís Town.

He introduced and initiated many modern technical management concepts into the SA Navy and was fortunate enough to see most of them through to maturity. Apart from being a coal face Engineer he has also specialised in certain system engineering fields, notably Life Cycle Costing, Warranty Purchasing, Planned Maintenance and Integrated Planning and Control Systems. After retirement he did consultancy work and was the operations manager at Petrel Engineering for 5 years before starting Jarr Marine

Mike is a registered Professional Engineer. He is completely computer literate, including CAD and is well versed in the application of computers in the Engineering, Cost Accounting and Production Management processes as well as in financial management. 

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